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We love social drinking with friends but have grown disappointed in the culture around alcohol consumption. Our bodies were asking us for something better.

Kavabucha founder.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with alcohol.

Drinking with friends was a good way to unwind after a long day, but I never really liked drinking regularly. Whenever I went overboard, I'd get terrible hangovers that messed me up for days. Even if I drank less, it still affected my sleep and made me feel dull the next day.

Hand holding a Kavabucha.

Going out for drinks with friends is fun, but I wish I could do it without compromising my sleep and wake up feeling revitalized.

During my 2019 trip to Hawaii, I visited a local farmers market in Maui. At one stand, some friendly locals introduced me to their tradition of kava. They scooped it out of a big wooden bowl and served it to us in coconut shells. The effects were almost immediate after that first sip. My body tingled, and I felt a social boost similar to alcohol, but without the haziness. Instead, kava made me feel more composed and mentally present, making it easy to chat openly with the people around me. And the best part? Zero hangover the next day!

Tray of Kavabucha flavors poured into traditional cocounut cups.

It wasn't long before I ordered the raw ingredients to make my own Kava drinks.

I shared it with friends, but most couldn't handle the earthy taste. To fix that, I tried different combos with natural juices until I found the perfect pairing with kombucha.

Kava and kombucha combined create a delicious taste and a feel-good effect, making for a balanced, calm social experience. For many, Kavabucha has become the preferred choice over alcohol in any social setting, day or night.

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A refreshing alternative to alcohol that blends the benefits of relaxing Kava and easy-to-drink Kombucha.

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