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Finally, Regret-free Drinking Without a Hangover.

Experience calm relaxation, health support, and delicious flavors.

Non-Alcoholic IconNon-Alcoholic
Gluten Free IconGluten Free
Vegan IconVegan
45 Calories Icon45 Calories
No Artificial Colors IconNo Artificial Colors
Made in the USA IconMade in the USA
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Kavabucha Is Everything You Wished Alcohol Was, And More!

We created a powerful formula by combining Kava with Kombucha.

A Real Buzz Icon
A Real Buzz
Unlike other alternative beverages, you actually feel a buzz and relaxation from Kava.*
Feel Refreshed Icon
Feel Refreshed
Instead of being hungover, you sleep great and wake up refreshed the next day.*
Mood Boosting Icon
Mood Boosting
Adaptogens are known to relieve stress and enhance your mood any time of day.*
Energy and Focus Icon
Energy and Focus
Kombucha contains B vitamins which are known to provide energy. L-Theanine enhances mental cognition & focus.*

Why We Love Kavabucha

Hear from real people about what Kavabucha feels like and how it’s helped them.

“A drink that brings the party, brings the chill and the social spice, all without regret the next morning! Goodbye alcohol, hello Kavabucha!”

Sarah M.

“My favorite after-work, with-a-book beverage. Cucumber Basil forever!!”

Hannah I.

“Kavabucha is a unique and innovative beverage which has quickly become a part of my daily routine. Having struggled with winding down toward the end of the day in the past, it allows me to shift gears and ease my mind and body. In a world where so many rely on drugs and alcohol to relax after a long day, Kavabucha is a game changer in terms of healthy alternatives that actually work!”

Brandon M.

“My new favorite drink! As someone who is conscious of my health, I love that these don’t contain alcohol or aspartame. The flavors are also perfect for day or night!”

Maren H.

“I love the flavor and even the packaging of Kavabucha, but especially the buzz. Perfect replacement for your evening glass of wine. Blood Orange Passionfruit is my personal favorite!”

Jess M.

Key Ingredients that made the cut

Our flavors were designed in collaboration with USA's top rated cocktail bar.

Kava Kava Leaves

Kava Kava

A super plant known for its calming and euphoric effects. It has been consumed as a tea by tribes for ceremonial customs for centuries. Now its available at Kava bars around the country and supplemented for stress relief.

Adaptogens in a bowl


Plants known for helping the body manage stress. Our proprietary blend of Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola, and Holy Basil strikes the perfect balance alongside Kava to chill you out and put you in the best mood.

Kombucha in a bottle.


A fermented tea beverage with a reputation for positively impacting gut health, energy levels and general mood. Our kombucha has been optimized to be very drinkable.

L-theanine as tea in a cup.


An amino acid commonly supplemented for cognitive function and mental focus.

Other Ingredients: Carbonated Filtered Water, Sugar, Organic & Natural Flavors, Fruit & Vegetable Juice for Color, Citric Acid, Stevia, Xanthan Gum.

Non-Alcoholic IconNon-Alcoholic
Gluten Free IconGluten Free
Vegan IconVegan
45 Calories Icon45 Calories
No Artificial Colors IconNo Artificial Colors
Made in the USA IconMade in the USA
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This is our promise

Quality Matters

Our team is constantly searching for the best ingredients. Being a bootstrapped company allows us to prioritize quality over profit.

Question Everything

Every decision we make we spend time researching, discussing with our mixologist, medical advisors, prototyping, and testing ourselves. We always must decide on whether our modification gets us closer to our mission and abides by our values or not. We want you to know that we consider each change or improvement very carefully.

Never Stop Iterating

It took countless formula tweaks to get our beverage to where it is today. And we're still making improvements.

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